I have Cerebral Palsy, it effect my arms, my leg and I can’t talk. I use a Dynavox to communicate. I have to deal with depression. . I grow up in Waukegan. I attended a normal public school. When I was younger I played Special Olympics softball. In third grade I got my first communicate device. The device was big and it weighs 5 pounds. I live in my own apartment with a personal aide. I played for Paralympic Boccia. I work at The Arts of Life as a their archive and an artist. I write poetry. I am a published author. I wrote a books called Chicago’s seasons and Being in Harmony with Nature .

Friday, February 9, 2018

A Sad Month

 Death is Hard  to handle. Over the passed month 3 of my friends died. It is very sad.  I feel there is a big lost in my life. I been thinking of how many times I didn’t stop what I am doing and talk   or  go  out with friends because I didn’t feel like it. You don’t  know when God will call people home. I know that I will see them again

Monday, January 15, 2018

One of my New Year Resolution

I will live more healthy life. I will keep up my exercise. I will try eat more healthy food. I will drink more water. I will see the dentist and get my teeth fix.  I will say how I feel not how people would like for me to say. This year will be a good year.