I have Cerebral Palsy, it effect my arms, my leg and I can’t talk. I use a Dynavox to communicate. I have to deal with depression. . I grow up in Waukegan. I attended a normal public school. When I was younger I played Special Olympics softball. In third grade I got my first communicate device. The device was big and it weighs 5 pounds. I live in my own apartment with a personal aide. I played for Paralympic Boccia. I work at The Arts of Life as a their archive and an artist. I write poetry. I am a published author. I wrote a books called Chicago’s seasons and Being in Harmony with Nature .

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Prediction for the Cubs 2018 Season

Since 2016 the saying  “wait until next year” is over for Cubs Fans. Cubs success they built on their minor teams. They bought in players to fill in holds when they need some players. I feel that the Cubs management are doing a awesome job by keeping Cubs as a  winning team. In baseball it is very hard win The World Series back to back. If a team go to the play off after being in The World Series that is good. Cubs did that last year. This year the Cubs could get into the post season. I hope the Cubs could win the World Series.

Friday, March 9, 2018

A Successful Man

 I have cerebral palsy, but it is does not define me.  The world made process in accessible for disabled people. The technology make it probable for me live in the community. I can live in my own apartment. I can have a job doing art. I can play adapted boccia. I feel sad for people who don’t see me as a successful man.  I thank God most people that can see me as a successful man.